Digital Printing 

Digital printing machine DS1 / DS 2 


The entire machine design complies with the European standard – Machine Euro 2006 42 CE

Digital printing machine for decorating items with an infinite number of colours or relief printing.

S range machines are designed for moderate production runs. The S is compatible with glass, plastic and metals. Bottles, flasks, tubes, jars, drinking glasses, tumblers, mascara, pens….

The S is a fully servo-driven model that can handle a wide range of different-shaped items. Memorised decorating recipes mean you can switch from one series to another with a minimum of time for production set-up and tool changeover – only one set is needed.

The N 1 colour machine can be loaded by an operator or a robot.

The design of the S brings precision, repeatability and reliability to the printing process.

The S machine is designed to print at speeds of up to 10 items per minute.

The S range can be fitted with a point or mandrel base.

The S machine is equipped with a servo-driven sliding table.

Digital machine options :

  • Detection cell for rework
  • Partline camera for profile detection (to replace a screen printing station)
  • Servo-driven flaming, Corona, Plasma
  • UVLED dryer
  • DIGITAL print head
  • Maintenance centre based near LYON for the European zone. Near New York for the America zone and in Xiamen for the Asia zone.


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