Hot Stamping

Hot stamping decoration process

Hot stamping applied to plastic and glass parts, used in the automotive, cosmetics and perfume industries. Hot stamping is a printing method that uses the combined effect of heat and pressure to transfer decorative patterns or information onto various surfaces, adding aesthetic and functional value to products.

  1. Adaptability to materials

Hot stamping is particularly well suited to plastic and glass parts, which are commonly used in the automotive, cosmetics and perfume industries. Whether it’s perfume caps, cosmetics cases, automotive components or other attractive plastic and glass parts, this technique offers great flexibility in terms of the surface to be marked, whether it’s smooth, curved or textured.

  1. Top-of-the-range aesthetics

Hot stamping adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to products. It enables patterns, logos, brand names or other decorative elements to be created with great precision and a metallic gold or silver finish or brilliant colour. This gives plastic and glass parts a high-end look, enhancing the visual appeal of products and giving them a distinctive visual identity.

  1. Resistance and durability

Hot stamping is durable and resistant to conditions of use. The marking foils used are designed to adhere firmly to surfaces, resisting wear, scratches, chemicals and fading. This ensures that the designs remain intact and visible throughout the life of the product, even in demanding environments.

  1. Personalisation and differentiation

Hot stamping offers great flexibility when it comes to personalising plastic and glass parts. Whether it’s to add specific information, codes, serial numbers or to create unique designs, this technique enables precise, high-quality personalisation. This enables companies to stand out in the marketplace and create unique products that match consumer preferences and expectations.

  1. Efficient process

Hot stamping is an efficient process that can be easily integrated into existing production lines. With automatic machines, large quantities of parts can be marked quickly and accurately. This optimises production times while maintaining consistent quality.

Hot stamping is a versatile and aesthetic printing technique, ideal for plastic and glass parts in the automotive, cosmetics and perfume industries. It offers precise personalisation, durability and aesthetic added value, contributing to product quality and differentiat

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