Hot stamping machines

The entire machine design complies with the European standard – Machine Euro 2006 42 CE

Hot stamping machine for decorating hollow articles by direct stamping, roll-on or roller stamping.

The machines in the range are designed for moderate to large production runs. The range is compatible with glass, plastic and metal items. Bottles, flasks, tubes, jars, drinking glasses, tumblers, mascara, pens, automotive parts, electronics, domestic appliances….

The range is entirely servo-driven or electro-pneumatic, enabling a wide range of different items and shapes to be processed. Memorised decorating recipes mean that you can switch from one series to another with a minimum of time for production set-up and tool changeover – only one set is needed.

New marking head adjustable in five dimensions – Quick production changeover system without head adjustment.

The MAC machine can be loaded by an operator or a robot.

The design of MAC machines provides precision, repeatability and reliability during the printing process.

The MAC machine is designed to print at speeds of up to 5,000 items per hour, depending on the shape of the item and the size of the decoration.

Tonnage available: from 500Kgs to 30Tonnes

The machines are equipped with sliding tables, shuttles allowing the integration of heads for direct stamping or unwinding and knurling.

MAC machine options :

  • System compatible with the application of image film/labels/sensitive electronic labels
  • Autonomous brushing/blowing/suction system
  • Servo-driven flaming, Corona, Plasma
  • Vision control
  • Engraving

Maintenance centre based near LYON for the Europe zone. Near New York for the America zone and in Xiamen for the Asia zone.

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